Understanding Orthodox Christianity


Angelo Artemas
Angelo Artemas

Father Angelo Artemas is a priest with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of New York. Over his time in the priesthood, Father Angelo Artemas has taught religious studies and theology at numerous institutions of higher education, including Wheaton College and Marquette University.

When people hear “Catholic Church,” they often associate it with the ancient Christian organization headed by the Pope in Vatican City. However, there’s another branch of Christianity as old as the Vatican-centered church. This branch, often referred to as the Orthodox Church, comprises the Christian cultures of Eastern European nations like Russia and Greece.

At one time, these great Eastern and Western Christian traditions were seen as one. However, they broke from one another during the Great Schism in 1054 C.E. This officially separated the Eastern Orthodox peoples from the religious government of the Pope in Rome.

Though there have been multiple attempts to restore unity between the two churches, none of them have succeeded. However, the two Christian traditions have greatly improved relations since the 1960s.


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